Book Review — The Lies Of Locke Lamora

The Lies of Locke Lamora is a high fantasy novel written by Scott Lynch. It is an action-packed novel that follows the adventures of The Gentleman Bastards in a city called Camorr. The city is controlled by the top gang leader Capa Barsavi as it is mostly ignored by the royals. The Gentleman Bastards continuously break the peace treaty and rob the rich families of Camorr.

The heists planned by them are creative, captivating, and thrilling. The intrigue of what will happen next made it impossible for me to put the book down without knowing the result. As soon as one heist ends, another problem arises for them. This kept me on the edge of my seat, guessing what will happen next. It was interesting to see a bunch of thieves hell-bent on robbing the city, trying to save it by the end.

The world-building is incredibly detailed as we learn all about their customs, festivals and architecture. This at times seems excessive but it adds to the overall enjoyment of the book. Readers who love learning minute details of fantasy worlds would particularly enjoy it.

The Gentleman Bastards consists of the main character Locke Lamora, along with Jean Tannen, Sanza twins, and Bug. Their interactions are witty, humorous and offer a break from the more serious situations. Their mentor Father Chains is a con-man pretending to be a priest. Their dynamic is that of a close-knit family.

The narration is punctuated with flashbacks about their childhood. This offered a glimpse into their childhood and showed how Father Chains moulded them into a perfect team of thieves. This family dynamic made me like the character even more and root for them even in their amoral adventures.

Locke Lamora is a fascinating character as he is not physically strong. This forces him to outthink his enemies and made their adventures even more enthralling. I enjoy these kinds of protagonists as they cannot escape the situation with brute force. It makes the situation even more dangerous and increases the reader’s excitement.

In contrast, the female characters were not well developed and existed only to further the development of the male characters. For instance, Nazca was strong, feisty, manipulative and an excellent heir to the Barsavi gang However, she is unnecessarily killed to force a meeting between Barsavi and the Grey King. Sabetha is mentioned a few times but we learn nothing about her, other than that Locke was in love with her. Other female characters like Dona Sofia and Duke’s Spider were tremendously interesting but unfortunately had a small part. I found this disappointing as these characters had the potential to make the book even more interesting.

The antagonist, the Grey king was a little bland but evil enough for me to dislike him. However, his bondsmage was one of the most interesting characters. I found myself looking forward to scenes involving him as they were extremely thrilling

Overall the book is quite interesting and makes for an interesting read. I particularly recommend this book to fans of the fantasy genre as they would highly enjoy it. Anyone who starts this book, will not be able to put it down without finishing it.

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